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Shi Quan Shi Mei

  • Shi Quan Shi Mei


Following the world ten beauty Shiquan, family, with rich, high sickness.

"Perfect" swept almost all the blessings of life,
Fukulu Zuki, health, good luck, conjugal love, family harmony, glory, Sun Yongchang, career prosperity, career access.

"Perfect in every respect", Chinese financial elements as a whole, to see big vulgar taiga, with exquisite vivid sculptures depicting the life of the display, mapping from one to 10, completely contains the essence of Chinese traditional culture is a source of life, family harmony, marital emotion, human harmony, and so on a series of the essence of humanity.

For the art of the essence of Chinese culture to recover the original simplicity, understanding, constitute this I do.
"" for the industry to carry the tripod perfect in every respect, history will be the traditional furniture.

"Perfect" won the gold medal of China Fine Arts and crafts fair, Macao international luxury fair diamond award.