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The Story on the Modern Silk Road


In 2012, Mr. Bao Tianwei and vice president of Mr. Wang Zan China collision created sparks, which lasted two years (2014) by President Wang finally draw the "Silk Road" drawings.

Mr. Bao Tianwei to treasure for more than 20 years the two largest tree top Burma pear aniseed (the diameter of one meter five, five meters long) to begin woodcarving creation material consists of more than 5000 pieces of works, Burma grey brick wings of wood piled into a twenty-six meters long, one meter thick, three meters of the "the Great Wall", the use of traditional tenon structure spliced.

Two walls with the Great Wall hanging two side side scroll, entitled "longxingtianxia - long live China" by Mr. Wang Dongling Chinese academy Ph.D. title, silk painting route content of vice president Mr. Wang Zan Chinese Academy of fine arts creative postscript "people walk the world" comments please CAFA Ph.D. famous painting history critic Mr. Xue Yongnian wrote.

The other side is entitled "long live the Chinese - longxingtianxia" by Chinese Academy of fine arts, Central Academy of fine arts professor Zhang Lichen hospital Mr. title, painting the content of the twenty-four solar term farming map, by the president of Chinese wood carving wood carving museum curator China Committee Mr. Lu Guangzheng cast. The Nobel prize winner Mr. Mo Yan inscription "of a long life".


The "Silk Road", "twenty-four solar term", "the Great Wall", and the three elements into one, all things in life.
Operation mouse scroll, zoom, drag the horizontal position up and down, easy to access the complete works。

Creative team (in alphabetical order of surnames):

Bao TianweiFamous Chinese furniture designer, curator of Shanghai Shanghai mahogany Art Museum
Lu GuanzhengThe first Chinese master of Arts and crafts and the curator of Chinese woodcarving Museum
Mo YanFamous writers and Nobel prize winners
Wang ZanFamous painter, vice president of The China Academy of Art, doctoral tutor
Wang DonglinFamous calligrapher, doctoral tutor of The China Academy of Art
Xue YongnianFamous painting and calligraphy art, history critic, tutor and teacher of China Central Academy of Fine Arts
Zhang LichenFamous calligraphers and calligraphers, The China Academy of Art, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, doctoral tutor

  • Wang Donglin Inscription
    Long live the Chinese Dragon World

  • Xue Yongnian Inscription

  • Mo Yan Inscription
    The Chinese a long life

  • Zhang Lichen Inscription
    Long live the Chinese Dragon World