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Bao Tianwei

Master of Chinese Woodcarving
First Person of Chinese Rosewood Art——People’s Daily.

Bao Tianwei The ancestral home of Mr. Bao Tianwei, courtesy name Zhen,
He is a Master of woodcarving and the and
the curator of Shanghai Shanghainese Style Rosewood Museum.
In 1998, he set up the brand of Yizunxuan in
in Shanghai which has won more than fifty crucial prizes in the area of woodcraving and furniture all over the world.
In 2002, he invented the ‘Seamless Mortise and Tenon Structure Furniture’
which has won the national invention patent in 2004.
In 2010, he was praised as the First Person of Chinese Rosewood Art by the People’s Daily.

Since 2004, he has been the vice president of Traditional Furniture Council of China Furniture Association,
the chairman of the China Timber and Wood Products Circulation Association Rosewood Committee,
the executive chairman of China Rosewood Classical Furniture Council,
the chairman of Shanghai China Rosewood Furniture Committee,
the deputy chairman of Shanghai Arts and Crafts Association,
the head of the Rosewood Carpentry Professional Committee of Shanghai Arts and Crafts Association,
the member of Rosewood Furniture Standardization Committee of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.