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Mohagany Boutique GalleryAdd: No.99 Wanling Road, Pudong, Shanghai VIP Line:400 821 5767
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Zhenbei StoreAdd: 6th Floor, No.1108 Zhenbei Road, Putuo, Shanghaitel:021-32510597
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Mohogany Boutique Gallery

In the December of 2014, after the delicate preparation for six years, Yizunxuan has lauched its Rosewood Experience Space consisting of culture, art, retailing in the furniture industry in Shanghai- the Rosewood Furniture Museum, namely Yizunxuan Furniture Boutique Gallery and Bao Tianwei Scented Rosewood Treasure House.

Add: No.99 Wanling Road, Pudong, Shanghai
tel:400 821 5767