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The Totem of Chinese Dragon

The masterpiece, Totem of Chinese Dragon of 2.16-meter width and 4.28-meter height, is a work Mr. Bao Tianwei donated to the Shanghai Shanghainese Style Rosewood Museum as an opening gift.

The lower left of the work are the green pines and verdant cypresses that imply the longevity and the lower right contains the great waves of the Yellow River. While in the middle of this work sits Tian’an’men which embodies the Crown of China and the bright pearl of the east

and on its right side lies the bird nest and water cube. Last but not least, on the top of it locates the Great Wall symbolizing the splendid five thousand year history of China with goshawk circling above Mount Qomolangma, all of which symbolize the grand character and style of the Chinese nation.


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