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The Best Huanghuali

A piece of wood, twenty-three.Guinness records of the great world
Operation mouse scroll, zoom, drag the horizontal position up and down, easy to access the complete works.

Operation mouse scroll, zoom, drag the horizontal position up and down, easy to access the complete works.

This giant pear, do not say not seen, not even dreamed of, for the convenience of transportation, and then split into boards shipped back to Shanghai, he was determined to use the raw material to produce a Chinese cultural charm, showing Huanghua noble traits, and can reflect the yizunxuan virtuosity of the best furniture series, the best in all the land of Huang came into being. As a church, none such under heaven.

Then, "the first world yellow" won 23 world records of Guinness because of its raw materials from the same pear raw material.

Ming style suite (5 pieces)
Bed2300×2230×1080 Round cabinet pair1115×610×2020 Bedside cupboard520×450×580
The top four member cabinet pairs (2 pieces)
Frame type single side desk chair table (2)
Desk2005×645×780 Desk chair660×500×1030
The big top four cabinet pairs (2 pieces)
Ming Cheng pin desk chair (2 pieces)
Desk1800×750×780 Chair660×500×1030
Chuck long table vertebral (1 pieces)
There are a bunch of horse hoof foot painting table (1)
The perfect suite (6 pieces)
Bed2650×2115×1350 Bedside cabinet pair520×450×560 Cabinet2000×550×680 Top cabinet pairs1200×620×2580
Leather suitcase (1 pieces)
Treasure chest (1 pieces)